2001 anthrax attack locations

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Locations where anthrax has been found in the 2001 anthrax attack:


American Media - anthrax found on keyboard of victim Robert Stevens and in mail room.

Boca Raton post office - trace amounts in the area that sorts mail addressed to American Media.


Microsoft Licensing office in Reno - A check sent to Malaysia from the company was returned with pornographic pictures, one of which was laced with anthrax.

New York City

NBC offices - on a letter from Trenton, New Jersey postmarked September 16 to Tom Brokaw.

Offices of Governor George Pataki where state police who had inspected the NBC offices had been.

Washington, D.C.

Tom Daschle's office near the Capitol, on a letter from Trenton, New Jersey postmarked October 8.

A Senate mailroom in a nearby office building.