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I call that ugly and further, the symbols are no longer symmetric and it is harder to read for someone not accustomed to the greater than and equal sign. I can't imagine why you changed it. RoseParks

I made the major changes to this page, mainly to wikify what appeared to be HTML-based text and to make it more readable from my own esthetic perspective, so if you think there is something that doesn't work, I'd be happy to fix it, but you'll have to be more specific. I don't know what you mean by "the symbols are no longer symmetric", and I don't know what you mean by someone being "unaccustomed" to the ≥ sign. We have to express that idea somehow, and the only two reasonable ways are "≥" and ">=". But I think the former is more readable for students of mathematics, while the latter is more readable for computer geeks. I can't imagine the article being of any use at all to someone who doesn't know the basic symbols of elementary mathematics; if you think it might be useful for readers that elementary, perhaps the article could contain links to other basic articles explaining the comparison operators? Are you perhaps talking about the alignment of the blockquote? How do you think it should appear? --LDC---- I had used and to match "<" and ">." Actually, someone else took the font size out before you. And, I just put it back...:-(..RoseParks

OK. That's a very font-specific thing (on my machine the ≥s look a bit too small), and it makes the text a real pain to edit, but if you think it makes a real readability difference on your machine, and the text doesn't need to be edited much, go for it. I won't remove any further ones I see. I would hesitate to make that a standard practice for math pages here in general unless we do end up using something like TtH to do the conversions automatically so we won't have to edit all those font commands. I do think agree that esthetic details can make a big difference in the readability of math formulas (I really wish there were an easy way to vertically center the internal ||s within the larger enclosing ||s in rule 3 above), but the limitations of HTML are pretty severe, so you can't have everything you might want, and what works on one machine might not work on others. --LDC