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A conspiracy theory suggests that the bodies that were allegedly Hitler's and Braun's were actually people employed by the Nazis and Hitler to fake their deaths so they could therefore escape unharmed.

There are conspiracy theories about everything, and unless there is some sort of reason to suppose they have an ounce of truth, I don't think they need be mentioned.

I suspect an earlier draft of this article was written by a non-English speaker, who hadn't fully learned English rules of capitalization, punctuation, and so forth. May I recommend you study any or all of three books to improve your skills? --

  • Strunk and White, The Elements of Style: a brief book, outlining common English grammar mistakes, recommended to all high school and college students in the United States. Truly one of the classic books about English composition.
  • Fowler, Modern English Usage, second edition: maybe the greatest guidebook to questions on English language usage; British.
  • The Chicago Manual of Style: this is perhaps the best-respected source in the United States for questions about punctuation, bibliographies, and other mainly mechanical matters.

--Larry Sanger

I read somewhere that he had a deformed penis from a goat that bit him on the foreskin while he was peeing in its mouth--no joke!

BTW, isn't it pretty well established that around 5.8-6 million jews were exterminated? I don't want to be responsible for messing with that and starting a huge fight over it though.

There are many histories told about Hitler, and I don't know which are true and which are false. They should be represented here anyway.

  • Was Hitler of partially Jewish origins ? Some people are saying that (iirc) his grandma was a Jew.
  • Was Hitler a vegetarian ?

And there's immortal question whether his alleged dead body was truly his, but this one doesn't seem to ever end with a conclusion. --Taw

Hitler was indeed a vegetarian. See William Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich for both primary and secondary source evidence. Hitler was a huge advocate for animal rights--he considered them to be better than Jews and other "lower races" of humans. Not to cast aspersions on PETA or anything like that.  :) --Chuck Kincy

I've heard it (from pro-vegetarian sources) that Hitler was not a vegetarian, but that that he dabbled in vegetarianism and various other "healthy diet" theories of the time, either from some sincere interest or to impress others who took them seriously.