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We all remember the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center. I think that a lot of people were affected by it more than they expected. But it seems like there are plenty of people who would just as soon forget. There are evem some people who never cared in the first place.

"It's time to move on with our lives."

How many times have I heard this since the little-over-a-month-ago incident where over 5000 people, five thousand, died a fiery death, or of suffocation, or from being crushed underneath over 100,000 tons of falling rubble?

Too many damn times.

Last time I checked: there were over 4,000 bodies still missing, we still haven't caught the people responsible for this, and we of course are the current recipients of several anthrax attacks nationwide. Its the biggest tragedy thats ever happened in my lifetime, and less than a month later I'm told its "time to move on."

In other words, "I'm a selfish f*ck, and I'm bored of hearing about it." This is no surprise. The day after it happened, I saw a television broadcast of a line of people waiting to get into a Madonna concert. "It was a terrible thing, but we have to move on with our lives--and see this Madonna concert!" I know some people that were absolutely pissed at the President because he preempted Friends to announce we were attacking Afghanistan. On Fox News I see some guy saying we need to focus on the economic ramifications on our portfolios now. A God Damned minivan commercial just told me its time for America to pull up its bootstraps and get on with life. What the hell is wrong with people???

Don't tell me its time to move on. Tell a family member of a victim. Straight to their face. See what kind of reaction you get. Tell the people who lost their jobs, or their homes nearby. Tell that to the workers that have the task of cleaning up the biggest single heap of rubble in the United States, or to somebody who has to go fight in Afghanistan.

Oh yeah, and tell it to the widow of the last person to die of inhaled anthrax.

How dare you. Does your selfishness have no bounds? What would possess someone to say something so callous? But seemingly, people are doing this every day. Well, its not going to happen around me anymore.