Alexander Mackenzie

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The Right Honourable Alexander Mackenzie (28 January 1822 - 17 April 1892) was born in Logierait, Scotland. He emigrated to Canada in 1842 after completing an education in public schools at Perth, Moulin, and Dunkeld, Scotland.

Mackenzie married Helen Neil (1826-1852) in 1845 and with her had three children, with only one girl surviving infancy. In 1853 he married Jane Sym (1825-1893).

He led the Liberal party from 1873-1880 and became Canada's second prime minister in 1873, ousting John A Macdonald from power largely because of the damage done to Macdonald's Conservative party when the Pacific scandal occurred. He remained prime minister until 1878, when the Conservatives came back into power.

He died in Toronto, Canada.

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