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Should this be under Alexandra Romanov? Also did they get as far as Siberia before they were executed? --rmhermen

They were brought into exile in Siberia. They were found shot to death, murdered ( not officially executed). See for locations. Also

To the name ? JHK has already started with names giving it the Slavic female version Romanova , which I think should not be used as entry, as the keeps saying, English must be used. I leave the L/N open for now.

Is Ekatarinburg (whatever spelling you like) in Siberia? --rmhermen

My 1966 Webster Collegiate Dictionary says : Ekaterinburg ,the former name. (Now Sverdlovsk )a city in western Siberia . After the Iron Curtain came done it might have change again, I don't know.(On websites I also see near Ural mountains mentioned). Either way it is in western Siberia. H. Jonat

Hey I didn't start that silliness! I'd have used Alexandra of Russia -- I THOUGHT that's what we had decided was the standard... Ekatarinaburg is indeed in Siberia. I'm also not sure whether the family was executed, murdered, or assassinated -- the political leadership of the time was still pretty fluid, and frankly, I'm fairly convinced that the soldiers responsible BELIEVED they were acting on government orders... JHK

JHK etc Somewhere between Alan Millar,Dmerrill and MichaelTinkler and JHK this "Romanova" got started by whoever writes "nee Dagmar" and it kept going . How do you want to name the wives of the Romanovs ? just by their first names ? Romanov or what ? To the other questions , read the websites , then you can remove them.