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This is a subject where it is easy to give examples- like sqrt(2) etc. Let me be the first to suggest this. And also what are not algrebraic numbers, i.e. transcendental numbers. I see there is an entry for this. Nevertheless, you could mention them on the algebraic number page and link. RoseParks

I've added some. -- Jan Hidders---- Lookin good...RoseParks

What do you call numbers which can be obtained from the integers by a finite series of additions, multiplications, divisions and root extractions? I know they are not algebraic numbers, since solutions to polynomials of degree five or higher cannot be obtained in this way, and yet they are by definition algebraic numbers. -- Simon J Kissane

An equation whose roots are numbers of the form you describe is said to be "solvable by radicals". My guess would be that the class of numbers would be the "radical expressions" or something, but I don't know. -- Carl Witty