Amber Road

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The Amber Road was a trade route from the delta of the Vistula river to Olbia at the Black Sea before the birth of Christ. As one of the original Germanic waterways and ancient 'highways', the road for centuries was known by its German name Bernsteinstrasse. These waterways and trade routes of eastern Germany and eastern Europe have been an essential component of trade between Europe and the Black Sea.

A vital component of ornamental objects, amber was transported overland on rivers from the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts to Italy, Greece, Black Sea and Egypt. The Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun had Baltic amber among his burial goods. From the Black Sea, trade could continue to Asia along the Silk Road, another ancient trade route.

Truso on the Baltic was one of the main trading places; Truso was near the later city of Elbing at the Drausensee lake.