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For those of you who feel passionately about letting the world know your distaste for the second sense of America, you can feel free to add to the America page. You could also add an article on the American page.

I have a challenge, however. My challenge is that you do so without engaging in yet another flamefest on this /Talk page. I don't think you can do it--I think you're too weak. But you might surprise me. So, let's see. I'll be watching to see if someone can supply neutral information about the objection to the second sense of "America," without getting into a flamefest about it. Theoretically, it is possible. --Dr. Larry Sanger (that's right, Tim. :-) )

Now this was a troll if I ever saw one. I challenge you to make non-biased updates to usian. --Pinkunicorn

you have to be a troll to know one

Oh well!  :-) --Larry