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The American Union of Men is a men's movement organization founded by Tom Smith in the mid-1980s that is one of the first anti-feminist and masculist organizations. Tom Smith's "/Masculist Trinity" forms the ideological base for the organization and is an early ideological influence in the men's movement.

The AUM claims to be a "leftist" group, but leftists, feminists and progressives are critical of groups such as the AUM which claim to be leftist or progressive, but which support gender roles and other non-leftist concepts. Progressives, in general, believe each individual should be able to establish their own role in society, not have one imposed based on their gender. For this reason, as well as their position on taxation and other issues, progressives would generally characterize the AUM as a rightist organization.

Tom would say in support of AUM being Leftist, that feminism supports "forced sexual equality" thereby "imposing" it's own brand of sex roles. AUM's position on taxes is consistent with progressive support of government social programs and graduated income taxes, but in the context of "complementarity" and legal recognition of sex differences.

"AUM" Newsgroup: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aum/?yguid=22765296