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This Talk page is completely ridiculous. Everyone, except maybe the authors of Star Trek, know that Amoebae can't talk.

"Reticulose pseudopods are cytoplasmic strands that branch and anastomose to form a net."

That's easy for you to say!  :-) There's so much jargon here, it's reticulose!  ;-) Just kidding.

I changed 'anastomose' to 'merge', the synonym that everyone uses except when they're talking about Granuloreticulosa. :) I also added a definition for cytoplasm; this is the definition of a reticulose pseudopod. I've been writing these pages for an audience of me-copies, so if you think anything should be defined, just wiki it and if critical make a blank "Fill me in NOW!" page.

Actually, I thought "anastomose" was fine, it just needed to be wikied and explained. Why dumb things down?  :-)