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It can be snorted, taken orally, or smoked (most common method).

Here (Europe) smoking isn't at all common, and snorting is usual. --Taw

In eastern Europe the most usual is injecting Methamphetamine. -- DA

I find it VERY problematic to speak about "positive", "neutral" and "negative" effects of anything (not only of a drug). This is NOT OBJECTIVE, not from the neutral point-of-view, as Wikipedia should be.

I think, it would be good to agree on some common scheme to describe drugs, which could include (please improve and move to a better location - under Drug or even Pharmacology ?):



(ev. Biology)

Pharmacology (effects and mechanisms of action, including dangers due to behavioral change (as traffic accidents, aggressive beh. etc.))

Toxicology (harmful effects by the drug itself)

Accepted medical applications

Sociology - including all the non-medical apps. (common use in different socienties - of course, the medical apps. are a part of this also)

Law (globally)

-- DA