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Last sentence probably needs to be rewritten, but I don't have anything handy at the moment. DMD

Should probably also be changed to reflect the non-mathematical meanings of Analysis -- LMS^H^H^HGWO

"the investigation of relations and deriving properties about it." That sounds like it could just as easily be a definition of the theory of relations, which is a branch of logic. As a definition, it's also just not informative at all... I would help but I'm not a mathematician.  :-) --LMS

I think the article was originally written by a non-native english speaker (I know which type 'cause I have proofed so many journal papers, but I will keep that to myself  ;).

Is this formatting correct: should it be Lp spaces, rather than L^p spaces? Also, why doesn't the empty link to [[Lp space]] bring up a question mark? - Stuart

Yes, Lp is fine (or, if you want, L p). The link doesn't work because you can't have sub- and superscripts in links; you have to use Lp space (click on "edit this page" to check what I did). --AxelBoldt