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  • add discussion of relationship between libertarian socialism and Marxism
  • discuss disputes between Bakunin and Marx and the expulsion of anarchists from First International
  • discuss anarchists in Spanish Civil War
  • discuss Makhno and Ukranian anarchists in Russian Civil War
  • discuss libertarian socialist use of Marxist-style class analysis
  • discuss different types of libertarian socialism: individualist, social, anarcho-communism, anarcho-syndicalism, Platformism, anarcha-feminism, mutualism, collectivism, eco-anarchism (social ecology and 'primitivism'), anarcho-pacifism, cultural anarchism, religious anarchism (ala Leo Tolstoy), anarquismo sine adjetives, 'type 3 anarchism'
  • historical origin of both libertarian socialism & anarcho-capitalism
  • relationship between anarcho-capitalism and minarchism (ala Ayn Rand, Libertarian party)
  • events of May 1968