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Is "Anglican Church" just another name for Church of England? If not, please don't just create a redirect. Even if it is just another name, it would be useful to explain a little about the phrase "Anglican Church" and its (semantic) relation to "Church of England." --LMS

I'm not quite sure what is most appropriate here. The original article was essentially about the history of the Church of England. I created a new entry called 'Anglicanism' discussing people and churches that follow the traditions of the Church of England and also explaining the use of 'Anglican' and 'Episcopalian' to describe such churches. Would it be better to rename that page to 'Anglican'?

I think it is important that Anglicanism as a set of doctrines and practices has its own entry, as should the Church of England which is the historical origin of these doctrines. However, 'Anglican church' in some contexts is part of the formal name of an institution (the Anglican Church of Australia, the Anglican Church of Canada etc) and in other contexts is used informally to describe, eg the Church of England. This suggests to me that 'Anglican' would be a more useful name, but I'll think about this a little more. --Claudine