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Casa Mila

Casa Mila is a building designed by Antonio Gaudi and built in years 1905-1907; situated at 92, Paseo de Gracia Street in Barcelona, Spain. It was built for Roger Segimon de Mila.

The local people give the building a name La Pedrera (The Quarry). It is situated in a well-off district of Barcelona.

The building is definitely without a straight line. It looks really magnificent and overwhelming some say it is like waves of lava or a sand-dune. Everything breaks our understanding of conventional architecture. The most astonishing is the roof with lunar appearance and dreamlike landscape. The building is again a more of a sculpture than a regular building. Critics might remark on its detachment from usefullness. This is ART, not blocks of flats, for Christ's sake.

Casa Mila was a predecessor of buildings like :

  • Einstein Tower in Potsdam
  • Guggenheim Museum in New York
  • Chapel in Ronchamps designed by Le Corbusier
Not sure buy some scenes from a film with Jack Nicolson were shot in Casa Mila.