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Palau Guell

Palau Guell is a palace designed by Antonio Gaudi for Catalan industrial tycoon Eusebio de Guell. Very interesting is the iron gate with parabolic arch and intricate patterns of forged iron-work resembling seaweed and in some parts a horsewhip.

Please someone link to photographs of this gate or better still announce on Catalan Wikipedia that we need these photographs and someone goes there with a digital camera to make some shots.
There one more thing - we have no Wikipedia server space to upload these photos and other images. Shame Bomis, shame !

Images for upload should be sent to jasonr at The problem with most photos on the web is that there is often no notice of copyright; I would much prefer our own photos on the site. And of course another problem with photos on the web is first that many people have images turned off, and second that many people also are still using slower modems--and no, I don't mean 56k ;-) --KQ