Apollo 14

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Eighth manned mission in the Apollo program. Third mission to land on the moon.

Launched: January 31, 1971
Returned: February 9, 1971
Crew members: Alan Shepard, commander; Stuart Roosa, command module pilot; Edgar Mitchell, lunar module pilot.
Command module: Kitty Hawk
Lunar module: Antares
Landed: February 5, 1971
Lunar landing site: 3.7 S, 17.5 W -- Fra Mauro highlands
On surface: 1 day 9.5 hours
Lunar EVA: 9.2 hours (4.7 + 4.5)
Samples: 43 kg

Mission notes:

  • Shepard smuggled a makeshift golf club and golf ball to the moon, and took a swing. He claimed the ball "went a mile" in the lunar gravity, but this was unlikely.
  • Mitchell conducted some unauthorized extra-sensory perception experiments while en route to the Moon, with friends back on Earth; the number of correct guesses were reportedly less than would have been obtained by random chance.
  • Shepard and Mitchell used a wheeled cart to transport samples. They hiked to the rim of a large nearby crater, but were unable to distinguish landmarks easily and turned back without seeing the crater itself.