Armenian alphabet

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Saint Mesrob and Saint Sahag created the Armenian alphabet in 405 AD


LetterLowercaseUppercase LetterLowercaseUppercase
Ayb աԱMen մՄ
Ben բԲYi յՅ
Gim գԳNow նՆ
Da դԴSha շՇ
Ech եԵVo ոՈ
Za զԶCha չՉ
Eh էԷPeh պՊ
Et ըԸJheh ջՋ
To թԹRa ռՌ
Zhe ժԺSeh սՍ
Ini իԻVew վՎ
Liwn լԼTiwn տՏ
Xeh խԽReh րՐ
Ca ծԾCo ցՑ
Ken կԿYiwn ւՒ
Ho հՀPiwr փՓ
Ja ձՁKeh քՔ
Ghad ղՂOh օՕ
Cheh ճՃFeh ֆՖ

Modifiers and punctuation:

Small Ligature Ech Yiwnև
Modifier letters
Modifier Letter Left Half Ring ՙ
Apostrophe = Armenian Modifier Letter Right Half Ring՚
Modifier Emphasis Mark = Shesht ՛
Exclamation Mark = Batsaganchakan Nshan՜
Comma = Bowt ՝
Question Mark = Hartsakan Nshan ՞
Abbreviation Mark = Patiw ՟
Full Stop = Vertsaket ՠ
Hyphen = Yentamna ա