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Art nouveau is an art style that took place at the turn of the 20th century.
There are other terms applied to this style :

  • Modern style
  • Jugend Stil
  • Sezessionsstil

One of the most important characteristics of the style is a dynamic, undulating and flowing line of uneven rhythm.

Art nouveau started in 1880s and had its climax in years 1892-1902.

The principial centers of the style were :

Art nouveau preached return to Nature and tended to use organic forms, especially floral or vegetal, in ornamentation. Some line and curve patterns became graphic cliches that were later found in works of artists from all parts of the world.

The movement was against machine manufacturing items for everyday life use, so craftmanship was promoted.

Among the most remarkable artists of art nouveau are:

After its decline in 1907, art nouveau was looked down upon and the term was ascribed a pejorative meaning.

Nowadays art nouveau is viewed as a forerunner of the most innovative art movements of the 20th century like expressionism, cubism or surrealism.