Arthur Koestler

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Arthur Koestler. Born 1905 in Budapest, Hungary. Died 1983 in England. Koestler was educated at the University of Vienna. Koestler was the author of many popular books including "Darkness at Noon" (a novel about the evils of Communism), "The Yogi and the Commissar" (another book about Communism), "The Sleepwalkers", "The Act of Creation", and "The Thirteenth Tribe" (about the Khazars). Koestler was fluent in Hungarian, German, and English, and knew some rusty Hebrew. During the 1940s he lived for a short time in Israel.

Arthur Koestler was a novelist, political activist, and a social philosopher. Much of Koestler's work was completely out of step with mainstream views. He did not merely arrive at different answers to common questions. Anyone can do that. Instead, Koestler answered, or tried to answer, important questions that others were not even asking. Some may consider this a sign of true creative genius.

The result of this originality is a uneven set of ideas and conclusions. Some of his ideas can be appreciated as brilliant, as his work on creativity. Some ideas challenge us to readjust our thinking in order to grasp their importance. And other ideas are just nonsense. But taken as a whole, they are well worth serious consideration.

Books by Arthur Koestler

/The Act of Creation
/The Sleepwalkers
/The Ghost in the Machine
/The God That Failed
/Darkness at Noon