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For the benefit of the skeptics among us, wouldn't it be desirable to list some of the outstanding successes of AI so far? (other than beating Kasparov at chess, I'm not sure what those are; and even that I'm not sure counts as genuine AI) --Seb

There are much less such successes than average person would expect. There are some essayes about AI chatbots on (ALICE chatbot won "best chatbot" Loebner prize in 2000 and 2001, so author known what he is talking about), where author says that there was almost no progress in this field of AI since Eliza.

The most important things to notice:

  • we still don't have machine translation
  • we still don't have something that can do Turing Test better than Eliza
  • we still don't have automatic algorithm proving
  • no "important" math theorem was proved by automatic proving machine
  • computers almost universally are based on strictly deterministic algorithms, not heuristics