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Hi Asa! Welcome to Wikipedia!

I take issue with your use of the term "node."  :-) On Wikipedia there are no "nodes." You must have us confused with Everything2, or something.  :-) --LMS

Fair enough! What term should i use instead? Articles? Items? Bits? -- Asa

All pages are pages, but not all pages are articles. Encyclopedic content should be on all and only article pages. Comment thereon is on Talk Pages. Hope this helps! --LMS

Princes Mononoke is amazing, isn't it? I'll have to make it a point to look for the others. Perhaps you could write up a bit about Miyazaki Hayao? The page for Japanese cinema is an embarassment right now. (And yes, I've been the only contributor.)  :-) Anyway, welcome to Wikipedia. --KQ

Hey, I forgot about that request. Sorry, I've had many many irons in the fire lately (grad school, working two jobs, filming a documentary, and researching a second one--ak!) so I've not been on Wikipedia much. Thanks very much for the article; and I like the Unicode in it--now that I have the font. <g> Thanks again --KQ

cheers  :) the unicode was not me thou. neither were all the Romaji names in in filmography (thou i did intend to do them at some point - the beauty of Wikipedia!) Next i need to expand this a bit more and make a start on each of his films - want to help? -- Asa

More to do? Maybe it will help me keep my sanity watching Kiki's Delivery Service repeatedly.  :-) I'll help if I can, but I'm not making any promises. --KQ

"boring mold"!? subjective!. How on earth can you expect people to talk about films without critical comment? If I said 'Viva Kneivel' is a truly dire film, it is subjective, but to not say it would by a lie and unkind to people who might otherwise see the film.

nonsense. This is an encypclopedia, not a critical journal or magazine. -- Asa

You have a small problem coming your way, Asa, and the problem is your name. You are probably aware of the pre-Christian derivation of it; I have an article coming up for the Norse Mythology block concerning the Asa: I fear it directs to your namespace. I'll note this with Larry. sjc

OK, what do you and Larry sugest I do? I don't mind changing my user name to Asa Winstaley (full name) and removing my stuff from Asa, moving to Asa Winstanley. I would prefer this to Wikipedians/Asa. Also, i would like to keep a link to Asa Winstanley on Asa so that all the links to my name in histories and Recent Changes are not totally broken. Hows that? Will wait for you and/or Larry to reply b4 acting on this. cheers.

(p.s. My name is pre-Christian - Hebrew! Asa was also a king in the OT, so maybe i should have thought of that to before i claimed thee space for myself! ah well live and learn) --Asa

Yeah, I spotted that as well. But then my viewpoint is post-Christian... :-) sjc

after futher investigation: seems it was The Cunctator who put my name as a sub page of Wikipedians, thou i assumed for some reason it was you. Also seems he is the only one (that i can find) that uses this particular scheme. is this an upcoming standard or something? I tend not to keep up with Wikipedia policy... I would prefer Asa Winstanley.

One more thing: Asa is not just my Wiki name its my real name :) -- Asa

No, it's not an upcoming standard. Asa Winstanley is all yours. :) --STG