Atari 5200

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The Atari 5200 was created to compete with systems from Coleco and Mattel. It was both technologically superior and more cost efficient than any console avaliable at that time. All Atari did was to re-engineer the Atari 2600 and slap on a release date. But because Atari never has been on to leave well enough alone, a non-centering joystick was added, which was a grave mistake; it made the 5200 completely incompatible with the computer architecture is is based on and the Atari 2600. But because of excellent third-party joysticks and a fairly big game library, it actually at one point outsold the Colecovision. If it wasn't for the video game crash, Atari might have been sucessful at winning that generations console wars.

CPU: Motorola 6502C @ 1.78Mhz
Screen Resolution: 320x192 resolution, 16 on-screen colors
Sound: 4-channel
RAM: 16K