Auckland, New Zealand

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Auckland, New Zealand

The largest city in New Zealand. The greater Auckland region includes the cities of Auckland, North Shore City, Manukau City and Waitakere City (total population about 1.1 million). The majority of inhabitants are of European, predominantly British, descent, but there are also substantial Maori and Pacific Island communities, as well as other minority groups from South- and East-Asian nations, Russia and South America.

At 37 degrees South lattitude, Auckland is situated between two major harbours. The Manukau harbour opens to the Tasman Sea on the west. The major port is on the Waitemata Harbour, which opens to the Hauraki Gulf of the Pacific Ocean on the east. A narrow isthmus of land separates the two harbours. The constriction creates surprisingly bad traffic problems for a small city.

Major industries are... .