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Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Aves

Contains Orders :

Order Passeriformes (songbirds, or passerines and perching birds)
Order Podicipediformes (grebe)
Order Struthioniformes (ostrich)
Order Rheiformes (rhea)
Order Casuariiformes (sassowary and emu)
Order Apterygiformes (kiwi)
Order Tinamiformes (tinamou)
Order Galliformes (domestic fowl and game bird)
Order Anseriformes (waterfowl)
Order Gruiformes (crane)
Order Piciformes (woodpecker and toucan)
Order Coraciiformes (kingfisher, roller and hornbill)
Order Trogoniformes (trogon)
Order Coliiformes (mousebird)
Order Cuculiformes (cuckoo)
Order Psittaciformes (parrot, cockatoo and lorie)
Order Apodiformes (swift and hummingbird)
Order Strigiformes (owl)
Order Caprimulgiformes (nightjar, nighthawk and frogmouth)
Order Columbiformes (dove and pigeon)
Order Charadriiformes (gull)
Order Falconiformes (diurnal birds of prey: eagle, hawk, falcon)
Order Pelecaniformes (pelican, gannet and cormorant)
Order Ciconiiformes (heron, stork and egret)
Order Sphenisiformes (penguin)
Order Gaviiformes (divers)
Order Procellariiformes (shearwater, petrel and albatross)