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Private investigator living in the Southwest

Informal student of philosophy and comparative religion for the last 33 years

Husband of 25 years, dad, rancher, writer and musician.

Good to see some Vintage AyeSpy around here. <grin> Rob Salzman

I put your old article on sanity in the comentary page. You (obviously, and anybody else) can remove it if you wish. --AstroNomer

Why, thank you! You are a gentleman and a scholar. I have not had time to get my pages into commentary, but hope to find that time tonight. AyeSpy

Please do. I, for one, found many insights in those pages I'd hate to lose. --Lee Daniel Crocker


I think I'll finally understand what American football is about (funny thing that i wrote the initial definition of American football in FootBall, asking for someone to complete it or correct it, the plea is still there)--AstroNomer

Happy to be of service. If you were to ask me to define the game, I could never do it. There are so many different situations, conditions and variables, I would have to recite the rule book, which would take forever. However, if you ask me to define the individual terms, no problem. Each one is discretely definable - and if you read enough of them, you begin to get a sense of the game.  :-)

Excellent Gridiron Football definitions you have input, Vest-pocket. :-7 -Invictus

Dang, guys... <blush>

Have not seen you in a while, are you still around? --AN