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British radio station, specialising in popular music aimed at a young audience (i.e. children, teenagers and young adults). Radio 1 was launched on September 30, 1967 as a direct response to the popularity of the illegal pirate radio stations such as Radio Caroline. The intial rota of staff included the legendary John Peel (still with the station) and a gaggle of others, often hired from pirates, such as Ed Stewart, Terry Wogan, Jimmy Young, Tony Blackburn, Dave Cash, Kenny Everett, Pete Murray, and Bob Holness.

Radio 1 is notable for the range of music it plays. While most commercial stations concentrate on a particular theme, such as 80's music or 'classic rock', Radio 1 plays a diverse mix of current songs, including Independent/Alternative, Rock, House/Electronica and Rap.

Current DJs on this chart station still include the timeless John Peel as well as Jo Whiley, Steve Lamacq, Mark Radcliffe, half of Mark and Lard, otherwise known as the Shirehorses. As well as Tim Westwood, The Dreem Teem, club supremos Pete Tong, Judge Jules and Seb Fontaine, Mary Anne Hobbs and more to add.