Baby One More Time

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Britney Spears, BMG/Jive/Novus/Silvertone, January 12 1999

Debut album, also includes interview videos and Baby One More Time music video

songtime (minutes)
...Baby One More Time 3:30
(You Drive Me) Crazy 3:17
Sometimes 4:05
Soda Pop 3:20
Born To Make You Happy 4:03
From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart 5:11
I Will Be There 3:53
I Will Still Love You (with Don Philip) 4:02
Deep In My Heart 3:34
Thinkin' About You 3:35
E-mail My Heart 3:41
The Beat Goes On 3:43

"Deep In My Heart" is an extra bonus song on the International release only. Not available in the US.