Baltimore Ravens

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A National Football League team based in Baltimore, Maryland USA.

In some accounts there is confusion over the history of the Baltimore Ravens. This is due to the unusual and unprecedented actions taken by the city of Cleveland and the National Football League following the relocation of the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore in 1996. The deal made between these two parties stipulates that the team name, colors, and history of the franchise were to remain in Cleveland. For that reason, past records and Hall of Fame players are attributed to the Cleveland Browns and not to the Baltimore Ravens. See the Franchise History entry for the Cleveland Browns for full details of the move.

Home stadium:
Uniform colors:
Helmet design:
League championships won: 2000.
Super Bowl appearances: XXXV (won)

Franchise history

The Baltimore Ravens first season was in 1998 after owner Art Modell relocated the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore in 1996. The Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV in January, 2001.

Players of note

Football Hall of Famers:
Current stars:
Retired numbers:
Not to be forgotten: