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Where to start? Gosh. Democracy? Absolutism?

Caravaggio 'oppressed'?

YIKES. --MichaelTinkler

I didn't even read it - just moved it from an orphaned page. How can you get a sub-page that isn't mentioned on the main page? ---rmhermen

I'm not sure! Goodness only knows where that one came from. --MichaelTinkler

Michael, I recommend simply removing rubbish, if you have the time, knowledge, and energy to do so... --LMS

I edited the first paragraph and changed the emphasis. The rest was too broadly painted to put with - and it wasn't English. Proper names should be spelled correctly even if they are not in Anglo-American English (Tittian should be Titian; I can deal with Tiziano, the Italian spelling, but would still change it). Titians "Donne" is, I suppose, The Frari Madonna? The Assumption? I'm not at all sure. Guido Reni's painting (we use his first name in English) is the Rape of Europa, not Europe.

Until Wikipedia has pictures (please! please!) references to paintings without clear indication of title, location, and date so that someone might be able to find an image on the Web is useless,

The one-for-one analysis of the Sublime (a concept popularized in the Rococo era by Burke, by the way) with Absolutism needs a lot more justification. --MichaelTinkler, self-appointed Wikipedia art editor.

I hate providing links to external sites - who knows if they'll stay up? But even more I hate writing without pictures. That's what philosophers who do aesthetics do. Most of the St. Theresa in Ecstasy sites are class resource pages, and those seldom last forever. --MichaelTinkler