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1. Batman, cartoon character created by Bob Kane in 1939. A cartoon superhero who appears in a line of comic books by DC Comics. First appearance ever in magazine Detective Comics.

By day, Batman is Bruce Wayne, a playboy industrialist. By night, he dons his costume and prowls the streets of Gotham City, looking for criminals or supervillains to apprehend. In some editions of the comic books he is accompanied by a teenage sidekick called Robin. Over the years there has been more than one Robin in the Batman Comics. The original one (also used everywhere but the comic books) was Dick Grayson. (In the comics, He grew up and became the DC character Nightwing.) Late 1989 DC Comics had an unusual poll, targeting the readers of the Batman comic. The question was whether or not to let the second Robin die. By a small margin, they voted yes, and the second Robin, Jason Todd, was killed in a bomb explosion. In 1991 a third Robin, Timothy Drake was introduced in the comics.

To a much greater degree than most comic book superheroes, the Batman mythos has explored the darker aspects of the human psyche. Bruce Wayne became the Batman after seeing both of his parents murdered in a holdup, and an undercurrent of suspense underlies the tales: Here is a man so driven by a thirst for revenge that in order to apprehend criminals he subjects himself to a grueling training regimen and risks his life on a near-daily basis. Suppose the iron control that keeps his anger within the bounds of the morally acceptable should crack?

Among the supervillains defeated by Batman, the most notable ones are the Joker, the Penguin, Catwoman, Two-face and the Riddler.

As is true of most other superheroes, it has never been adequately explained how Batman, who needs to be active in his dual identity both by night and by day, counters the effects of sleep deprivation.

A 1960s television series, with Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin, was extremely popular at the time. Lately, there has also been an animated series.

A number of Batman films have also been made:

2. Batman, military valet A batman is a military valet to an officer.