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Hello ! I'm also in the French section at

See that page for the moment to know more about me! (in French)

Welcome, Bernard! I'm happy that you've joined us; Wikipedia Francais now has at least one contributor! I'm interested in the TopicMaps proposal, because I am a philosopher and have a long standing, active interest in conceptual schemes and ontology. I'm very suspicious of claims that reducing "conceptual hierarchy" would produce anything other than confusion (as though conceptual hierarchy were somehow like political hierarchy!). But I can learn new things, so, please do explain (on TopicMaps--looks like a good place for that discussion). --LMS

Tahnks Larry for your welcome. I've stumbled last year on TopicMaps when looking for some tool for non-hierarchical KnowledgeOrganization, while working at Open Directory Project and being fed up hierarchy in every sense of it. For me knowledge is a network or SemanticGraph. I'll try to explain both as best I can.