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It's been a long time since I read the Bible, so I haven't bothered putting anything under prophets etc. as I don't really remember. You might do better, though, going through the Bible book by book and adding significant characters. And I should of course start /Bibliography to list The KJV and NIV translations. ;-) --KQ

I added all the prophets from the Old Testament. <>< tbc

I am fairly sure that there were more prophets than this in the Bible. I will have to check. -rmhermen

It is dubious to list Jesus under the heading of "Prophets". Most of the mainstream Christian denominations would disagree with this, or alternatively would see Jesus as a prophet and also much more than that. (Figuring this out from just the text of the Bible is tricky though.)

I don't really feel like jumping in and fixing this since religion can be a touchy subject and i lack the necessary diplomacy to write about it properly for an encyclopedia (also my knowledge is pretty rusty.) -- Anonymous

I'm a Christian, and I agree it's touchy. I left Jesus in the list of prophets, though, because he certainly filled that role. (He preached more about Hell and repentance than any other prophet, BTW.) There will always be tension between Jews and Christians about the Bible, anyway, but since "Bible" in common usage means the Christian Bible, while Jews refer to the Tanach, I think it's fair to treat Biblical figures from a Christian perspective. Let the entries of the individuals speak for themselves. <>< tbc