Big O anime

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Big O is the title of a Japanese anime-style animated television series. An excellent example of cultural cross-fertilization[please change the article link to a better-named article if possible], the artistic style of Big O is obviously based on Warner Brothers Batman:The Animated Series. The principal character of Big O is Roger Smith, a professional freelance negotiator who is similar to Bruce Wayne in that he is a wealthy and well-respected member of society that has a secret life as a crime fighter. Unlike Batman, however, Roger pilots a giant robot named "Big O" in the course of his crimefighting activities.

Big O is set in Paradigm City, a domed metropolis with a mixture of futuristic and contemporary features. 40 years before the beginning of the series, every inhabitant of Paradigm City lost their memory; this mystery is a a central feature of the show. [Maybe this needs a mention of its incomplete storyline