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The Bigfoot is a large primate of questionable legitimacy, supposed to inhabit the wilderness of the US Pacific Northwest. Also called Sasquatch by Native Americans who have stories of such a creature.

Despite no rigorous scientific evidence, there are volumes of eyewitness sightings, as well as questionable home videos and photographs. Bigfoot has been a staple of Television shows and tabloid newspapers covering other topics like UFOs, conspiracy theories and dead celebrity sightings.

It should be noted that most of the areas where the Bigfoot has been seen are close to known habitats of bears, including notably the Grizzly bear. Grizzly bears are large, furry and occasionally stand up on their hind legs, so it has to be asked if at least some of the sightings are really bears. Some of the sightings however are by people familiar with bears, who claim that what they saw was not a bear. Also, at least one film shows something that is definitely not a bear (although it could conceivably be a person in a furry costume).

There are dubious large primates in other locales, for example in Nepal. Compare Yeti and Abominable snowman. See also cryptozoology.