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See also: Web log/Talk

I have only the vaguest notion of what a blog is, so it was very difficult to edit this entry. --LMS

See for a project that uses "the timeliness of Weblogs to find important and interesting content on the Web." <>< tbc

I think to call them "very popular" is a biased overstatement. I have never heard of them. Do we have an example site to point to? -- AxelBoldt

Here's an example: . I recall seeing a syndicated newspaper article about them several months ago. --Hornlo

They are very "flavor-of-the-month" right now, in some circles. Those I know who keep up with the latest online fashions are enthusing about them right now. In the context of an encyclopedia article, though, the phrase doesn't seem to have lasting value--over time, it will either fade away or become mundane.

Perhaps, but is that really a reason to exclude something from the Wikpedia? Why not develop articles in real time, as cultural topics develop? <>< tbc

My point is not to exclude the article, but to point out how ephemeral the specific, non-NeutralPointOfView, phrase "very popular" is. If one wants to say, perhaps, "blogs were very popular throughout much of the year 2001" that would be more timelessly true.

blog and web log should be merged. I'd suggest web log as the correct term, since blog is more recent and hasn't penetrated even as far as web log, but that's just my thought. -- TOertel

See also: Web log/Talk