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Bomis is an Internet media company headquartered in San Diego, California. Bomis started Nupedia and hired Larry Sanger who, while working on Nupedia, got the idea for Wikipedia. Bomis provides the webspace and bandwidth for these projects out of the goodness of Jimbo Wales, who runs the place. Bomis also owns the few things related to the project that are not open source or open content (such as the domain name).

Bomis has never had venture capital.


Jimbo Wales is the majority owner of Bomis. Tim Shell is his partner, and they have another partner who is (merely) an investor, not an active participant in the company.

Larry works solely on Nupedia and Wikipedia.

Jason, Ted, and Toan, in addition to Wales, is the programming staff.

Bomis, as of October 2001, currently has 10 employees. In addition to Jimbo, Tim, Larry, Jason, Ted and Toan, there is Terry (advertising sales), Christine (business manager and Jimbo's wife) in the business areas, and Rob and Jeremy in the Bomis content management department. The 10th employee is Jimbo's brother Johnny -- he only works part-time, doing programming tasks.

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