Book of Esther

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Esther is a book of the Bible Old Testament and Jewish Tanach.

The subject of the book is the woman Esther.

The authorship of this book is unknown. It apparently was written after the death of Ahasuerus (the Xerxes of the Greeks), which took place B.C. 465. The minute and particular account also given of many historical details makes it probable that the writer was contemporary with Mordecai and Esther. The book was written probably about B.C. 444-434, and the author was possibly one of the Jews of the dispersion.

This book is more purely historical than any other book of Scripture; and it has this remarkable peculiarity that the name of God does not occur in it from first to last in any form. It has, however, been well observed that "though the name of God be not in it, his finger is." The book wonderfully exhibits the providential government of God.

Initial text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897 -- Please update as needed