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I had added a list of rulers in Brandenburg in Germania from the time after Charlemagne till 1134 Albert I of Brandenburg (Albrecht the Baer).

Someone erased the list of more than 100 office holders ,writing something about German apologists.

As it now states in the article , it seems that Slavs came , took over and only Slavs lived there till 1134, when Albrecht the Baer brought in Germans. This has been a popular theory by English speakers for many years.

It is false .

Does anyone have an explatation, why this widespread theory with English speakers exists ?

Why does anyone want to suppress the history of Brandenburg (or Eastern Germania) now in the year 2001, by "omitting" early records?

Is that not falsifying ?

H. Jonat

If you want any sympathy for your dubious "all of this really belongs to Germany" cause, perhaps you can start by not twisting the history of ancient and medieval Europe to show that Celts, Slavs, and Baltic peoples are really Germans -- something you constantly imply. Moreover, you might just take a look at naming conventions and the format for articles written by most of the Wiki-contibutors. If you did, you'd notice that throwing in chunks of unrelated facts does not good wiki make. That's why people remove lot's of your stuff. If you want to add every member of the house of Brandenburg-Prussia, why don't you do something like {{Brandenburg-Prussia (or wahtever the existing link is)/Rulers}} and then add /Individual Ruler Name, where {=[ ??

It's not that bloody hard. J Hofmann Kemp

AND BY THE WAY YOU SILLY PERSON, The so-called Germans who lived there when the Slavs invaded were nothing of the sort -- at least not in the way you mean. They were most likely a combination of Franks, Saxons, and perhaps a few other tributary people brought in to guard the march. You can's say the Franks were German. It's not the same. If you insist on it, then you also have to accept that they were French, which reduces the "Germans owned Prussia first" argument to the irrelevant. Oh wait...that's right...the French are really German, so really, it's ok for the Kaiser to just kind of absorb France into the Empire...JHK

Aren't the Franks usually considered to be German? They spoke a Germanic language, hailed from the area, and were called such by contemporaries. Of course the ancient Germans are not the same people as the modern Germans, but still, it seems somewhat odd to protest the title.

You are really funny . H. J.