Brian Hopkins

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Mathematics professor at Saint Peter's College in Jersey City, also into music (piano, choral), writing (poetry, creative nonfiction), Christianity, philosophy, etc.

did first draft of spherical coordinates

corrected fugue to allow for just two voices (like WTC1#10)

Hi Brian - my old lecturer on musicology argued that WTC1:10 was not actually a fugue, but just a counterpoint. But then Bach is famous and he's not. There are some other examples - Corelli and Striggio wrote 2 part "fugues" as well. Anyway, I adjusted the article to reflect that fugues are "generally" expected to have 3 or more voices, with some exceptions. Oh and welcome to the 'pedia! I'm sure you'll meet Axel soon, if you haven't already. Regards Manning

Welcome to Wikipedia, Brian! You'd be at least the second math professor to join us! --Larry Sanger