British Rail

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Historically, British Rail ran the British railway system.

Under the Conservative Government's Railway Act, 1993, British Rail was split up and sold off. By November 1997, British Rail had been divested of all its operational railway functions. The British Railways Board is still responsible for non-operational railway land, the disposal of which is handled through Rail Property Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary. The British Railways Board also retains responsibility for the British Transport Police. As a residuary body the Board is responsible for discharging a number of functions, including its obligations in respect of liabilities acquired as a major employer over nearly half a century and as a direct result of the privatisation process.

When the Labour Government gained office in May 1997, it charged BR with providing advice on railway policy, in particular to improve public control and accountability, and to identify ways in which the railway can serve modern transport needs and be integrated with other modes.

The Government created a Strategic Rail Authority in 2000.

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