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The borough with the worst rap. When you enter the Bronx, you are greeted by a sign saying "Don't dump on the Bronx." This is meant figuratively.

Ten Good Things About the Bronx:

1). The New York Yankees.
2). The largest amount of parklands of any borough.
3). Affordable housing
4). The Bronx Zoo.
5). The New York Botanical Gardens.
6). The Bronx River - the only river that runs through an entire borough.
7). Very good neighborhoods - Riverdale, Country Club Estates.
8). Proximity to Westchester.
9). Bronx County District Attorney - Robert Johnson.
10).One of the last strongholds of illegal street gambling - Numbers.

The Bronx is the only borough of New York City that is not on an island. It is named after an early settler, Jacob Bronck.