Building Wikipedia membership/Ideas for articles about Wikipedia and other press events

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Article ideas (feel free to contribute--yes, you!):

  1. Press release (this is on hold for the time being)
  2. Response to [1], an article critical of MIT's project and name from the perspective of GNU-style "freedom", free speech versus free beer and all that good stuff.
  3. Article discussing the meaning and possibility of unbiased writing, using Wikipedia as an example. A number of websites might be interested in this, including Kuro5hin.
  4. "How is Wikipedia possible?"
  5. "Why should anybody trust what is in Wikipedia?" An interesting study in applied social epistemology: for many Wikipedia articles, we have zero information about the credentials of the people who wrote the article. Should we give the article zero credence? No. Why not? Might be good for an e-zine about computers and philosophy...I think there is one.
  6. The history of free online encyclopedia projects
  7. Why an encyclopedia? Why not just use Google?
  8. Done: Kuro5hin article reporting: RMS endorsement; 10,000 articles; NYT coverage; Tech Review coverage. (LMS plans to write this as soon as puts up a link to Wikipedia.)
  9. submit wikipedia articles on controversial issues to discussion sites to sow off our neutral point of view (maybe a stupid idea)