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Should German names be used in the List of the Bundeslands / in the articles about them? (please discuss this before writing articles using the German AND English names).

If they have English names we should use them - Sachsen and Bayern redirect to Saxony and Bavaria already. Are there English names for some of the others though? --rmhermen
I don't think we should use German name (English name) and then redirect to the English named article. It would be better to say: English name (German name). Of cause only there where English names exist ;-) --Daniel Wiebelt
It seems more natural to me to put the English in parentheses, so that the main name given in each case is German (rather than English in some cases and German in others). If they all had English names then it would be a different matter. --Zundark, 2001 Nov 13
I think we should use the German äöü in the names --Daniel Wiebelt
I've added a couple of umlauts. Are there any more? --Zundark, 2001 Nov 13
they are right now, thanks --Daniel Wiebelt

Should commercial links be posted (e.g. yahoo) on a GNU Free Documentation License site?

the standard practice around here is to separate any external links, often under a heading external links: at the *bottom of the page*, not to integrate them into the article. --MichaelTinkler
changed --Daniel Wiebelt

As a Germanophile, I like the English version of the name as the Article title, but don't mind if the German is used in the article. Definitely with umlauts and scharfes S JHK

I'm also Germanophile but I think in an English article the English names should be used because they have less Umlauts which makes reading easier for English speaking readers (which is the majority). --Daniel Wiebelt

Here is a list of some names of which I think that they should be used in the English articles (from a Dictionary):

German name = English name (whith special names of the inhabitants)
Baden-Württemberg = Baden-Württemberg (with ü)
Bayern = Bavaria, German from Bavaria = Bavarian
Berlin = Berlin, German from Berlin = Berliner
Brandenburg = Brandenburg
Bremem = Bremen
Hamburg = Hamburg
Thüringen = Thuringia, German from Thuringia = Thuringian
Saarland = Saarland, German from Saarland = Saarlander (that's right in English without ä)

We should also decide where we place the German names, because all Bundeslander articles should have the same structure. --Daniel Wiebelt

I suggest doing it as I did for Thuringia, but I don't think it matters too much. I do think we ought to try to do umlauts as HTML character entity references (e.g., &uuml;). If you do them in Latin-1, as you have above, they will display incorrectly for some people, because the pages are not marked as Latin-1. --Zundark, 2001 Nov 13