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In the British film 'Passport To Pimlico', residents of post-war London discover a parchment that shows that a small part of London is, in fact, independent from the British Crown. It is 'part of Burgundy', and the Duke of Burgundy comes to claim his rights... all fiction, but a lovely film.

I just caught that. Sounds intriguing, but sounds like someone had a little too much Rhine wine or went diving too far for the treasure of the Niebelungen . H. Jonat

Anyone who wants to find out about Burgundy should probably give 'Passport to Pimlico' a miss... RobertBrook

It's probably just as good as Xena and the Rhinegold. H. Jonat

Well, the duke does have a French accent. RB

"Catalaunian Fields" - how certain is the identification of the location?