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If he was born in Ireland, why do you call him English? Did he have English parents and thereupon move back to England?

He lived at various locations in the British Isles.

That doesn't make him English, does it?

He was a professor of English at an english university (Oxford). That sounds like an english academic to me. Make it British if you're so uptight about it!

Huh, that makes him an Irish-born professor of English at an English university. Clear enough. I'll make the change.

On Larry's query about him being a professor of english; the C.S. Lewis foundation's web page (http://www.cslewis.org) has this:

On May 20, Lewis was elected a Fellow of Magdalen College,
Oxford, where he served as tutor in English Language and      
Literature for 29 years until leaving for Magdalene College, 
Cambridge, in 1954. 

..and when he moved to Cambridge he got the chair of Medieval and Renaissance Literature; so even if he wasn't a professor at Oxford, he was at Cambridge.

He was born in Belfast which (for political reasons) does not make him Irish but British, as Belfast is part of Northern Ireland which is itself part of the United Kingdom. As an Irishman, I'm not going to comment on the politics :) --John Lynch