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Hmmm, the name for the copy command on the old PDP-11 (or possibly PDP-8, I'm not sure which) was "pip", n'est-ce pas? What is the connection there?

Do you know what OS on the PDP? I think PIP in CP/M stands for Peripheral Interchange Program, but I am not sure, will look up at some point (I think I set a set of Digital Research CP/M docs somewhere). --drj

There were several OSs on the PDP. I myself used RSTS/E on a PDP-11/70, and it used PIP. --Alan Millar (nice reference --drj)

The "pip" command (indeed standing for "Peripheral Interchange Program") was the swiss army knife of CP/M -- it could do copys, moves, and several other file operations. It was designed to know all about the various peripherals (hence the name) and how to copy, etc. to each of them. -- NickelKnowledge