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CamelCase (also InternalCapitalization, StudlyCaps, CamelHumpedWord) is the WikiWiki software convention for automatically making links. It refers to words which are capitalized at the beginning and within the word, often made by concatenating capitalized words together. Wikipedia started using CamelCase at first, but then converted to Free Links.

For example:

  • CamelCase
  • AlabamA

The CamelCase convention causes some difficulty in Wikipedia, as words which are CamelCased but are not intended to be links automatically become links.

For example:

Marshall McLuhan said, "The medium is the message."

However, it's not really a big problem because it's usually a sign that a Free Link should have been made, as in:

Marshall McLuhan said, "The medium is the message."

To prevent CamelCased words from becoming wikified, use the <nowiki> tags, which turn off all wikification. To see them in action you can edit this page.

CamelCase is still often used in the non-encyclopedia parts of Wikipedia, such as /Talk pages. Many Wikipedians have CamelCased handles or a CamelCased version; e.g. TheCunctator for The Cunctator.

Where does this name comes from ?

It's Latin for "the delayer."