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Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Mammalia, Order Carnivora, Family Canidae

Canidae is a family of carnivorous mammals, commonly known as canines. It includes dogs, wolves, foxes, coyotes and jackals.

Genus Alopex
species lagopus (Arctic fox)
Genus Atelocynus
species microtis (small-eared dog)
Genus Canis
species adustus (side-striped jackal)
species aureus (golden jackal)
species familiaris (dingo, domestic dog)
species latrans (coyote)
species lupus (wolf or, in N. America "gray wolf")
species mesomelas (black-backed jackal)
species rufus (red wolf)
species simensis (Ethopian wolf, Abyssinian wolf, Simian jackal, Simian fox)
Genus Cerdocyon
species thous (crab-eating fox)
Genus Chrysocyon
species brachyurus (maned wolf)
Genus Cuon
species alpinus (dhole)
Genus Dusicyon
species australis (Falkland Island wolf)
Genus Lycaon
species pictus (African hunting dog)
Genus Nyctereutes
species procyonoides (raccoon dog)
Genus Otocyon
species megalotis (bat-eared fox)
Genus Pseudalopex
species culpaeus (Colpeo fox)
species griseus (Argentine gray fox)
species gymnocercus (South American fox)
species microtis
species sechurae
species vetulus (hoary fox)
Genus Speothos
species venaticus (Amazonian bush dog)
Genus Urocyon
species cinereoargenteus (gray fox)
species littoralis (gray fox)
Genus Vulpes (Foxes)
species bengalensis (Indian or Bengal fox)
species cana (Blanford's fox)
species chama (Cape fox)
species corsac (Corsac fox)
species ferrilata (Tibetan sand fox)
species pallida (pale fox)
species rueppelli (sand fox)
species velox (swift fox)
species vulpes (red fox)
species zerda (Fennec)